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black-ish Dad Bod-y of Work (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Dre is guilted into helping at Jack and Dianes school carnival for Give Back Day; Rainbow sets up an appointment for Junior to get his flu shot.
mixed-ish Bad Boys (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Alicia and Paul attempt to deflect Johans interest in attending cop camp to become a police officer; Rainbow receives her first role as a school safety patrol.
What Would You Do? (HD, New) A shopper at a sporting goods store rudely speaks out against a gay couple; a mother demands her kids to eat their vegetables at a restaurant.
7 News @ 10pm (New) The ABC 7 Evening News Team presents local, state and national news along with the latest breaking news events, road conditions and the weather forecast.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (HD, New, TV-14) Author Sarah Cooper guest hosts; actor Ben Stiller; musical guest Holly Humberstone performs.

Cennet Apostando al amor (TV-PG)
Enemigo íntimo La trampa (HD, New, TV-14) El Capitán de la Policía Federal Alejandro Torrente captura a Roxana Rodiles, la bella amante de Federico Montalvo, jefe del poderoso Cartel de las Cumbres.
Noticias Telemundo - Edición nocturna (HD, New) José Diaz-Balart y Julio Vaqueiro presentan una mirada profunda a las noticias nacionales e internacionales y un análisis completo de las notas más relevantes.
Noticias Telemundo con Julio Vaqueiro (HD, New)

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer and the Little Men from Outer Space (TV-G) A science fiction movie is being filmed near the base, but when Gomer only notices aliens getting out of their spaceship, he reports it to Sergeant Carter.
Green Acres Jealousy (TV-G) Eb wants a car but his request is rejected, though Lori has been given a new bicycle and a rented piano, and he decides to run away and find a new job.
Hogan's Heroes Praise the Führer and Pass the Ammunition (TV-G) Hogan and his men at the camp make it their mission to create even more chaos during staged war games a Gestapo colonel scheduled near Stalag 13.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan and the Lady Doctor (TV-G) Hogan cancels his plans for a caper due to the risks involved, however he is overruled and is forced to participate in the very same plan against his will.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Joel Grey and Cass Elliott (TV-G) Carol's husband falls ill, so she fills in for him in a TV panel discussion; Joel, Harvey, and Lyle play dogs who are trying to win an owner's favor.
Perry Mason The Case of the Duplicate Case (TV-PG) An unsuccessful salesman finds himself in a precarious position when a large sum of money is found in his sample case after throwing it down in disgust.

Sell This House! Key West, Florida: Mimi and Ernie Oskey (HD, TV-G) The Oskey's house has been on the market for four months with no results so Roger decides to lose the living room's green walls and gets clever with trash cans.
Sell This House! Key West, Florida: Ron Menezes and Frank Notarianni (HD, TV-G) Ron and Frank are ready to sell their two-bedroom Key West home with cathedral ceilings, French doors and a deck with a backyard mini-pool.
Design Inc. Sean's Yurt (TV-G) Host Sarah Richardson and her team are hired to transform a young man's newly built Yurt into a stylish and comfortable summer getaway.
Holiday Makeover Long Weekend Picnic
Kitchen Nightmares Revisited: Gordon Returns (HD, TV-14) Chef Ramsay revisits six struggling restaurants to find out if the changes he implemented to the food, service and decor helped them stay in business.

The Last 24 Real Pet Cemetery (HD, TV-14) When the body of the owner of a Louisiana pet cemetery is found in the Mississippi River, detectives wait over 20-years until a suspect confesses to the murder.
Cruise Ship Killers Steve (Repeat) Passengers on a cruise ship discover the body of a real estate agent on the deck, which sparks an investigation into why he was killed.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Internet Slave Master (HD, TV-14) When multiple women and a young child mysteriously vanish from the Kansas City area over a 10-year period, it leads a sex crime ring involving sadomasochism.
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